Convicted Printing Terms and Conditions

The following list of terms and conditions are listed on every quote and invoice produced by Convicted Printing.

By paying any of the invoice, or signing approval of a Net 30 Agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the terms below, approve everything listed above to be put into production, and agree to pay the invoice in full as agreed upon (COD, Net 30, or any other written and approved agreement).

Invoice and Terms Approval
Convicted Printing reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to review information (shirt type, product number, shirt color, etc.) prior to paying the invoice.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to give all information and graphics needed for printing. (If any graphics work needs to be done by Convicted Printing, an additional charge may be applied as explained below. If any specific details are needed for Customer’s print, Customer must provide those details {and images} as explained below.
The Client is responsible for the costs of shipping and handling from distributor(s).
Standard purchases take typically 10-16 days to complete after payment/agreement of the invoice and all files are received. If there is a complication with the image file given to Convicted Printing, the time of completion may increase.
Rush order purchases should be completed by the agreed upon pickup/shipping date within allowances explained below. Rush orders will include an extra fee/charge for expediting the printing/stitching process.
Standard Order of Communication: Convicted Printing workers/CCRs may send you communication via text, Facebook, phone call, and/or email at any time. Your response might be needed, so please keep an eye out for any messages from them.
Rush Order Communication: If you have a rush order, Convicted Printing will need quick communication from you at any time, any day. Most rush orders are done overnight, and Convicted Printing may need an answer from you between 10 PM – 5 AM. Please consider putting our number on an emergency override list on your phone during the duration of your order.

Currently (as of 3/12/19), all of Convicted Printing’s payments are processed through PayPal invoicing. Paypal accepts many forms of payment without needing to create an account.
Convicted Printing also accepts cash and checks at the shop location: 501 S Falkenburg Rd, STE C10 Tampa, FL, 33619.
Invoices will be considered contracted and in process when cash is received, check is deposited, or payment is received on PayPal (deposit or full payment) unless otherwise previously agreed upon via writing.
Check Bounce Fee: If a check bounces, for any reason, a check bounce fee of $25 will be applied to the order.

Upload Image Terms
Any design Client submits must be one that Client created, or Client must have the legal right to use. Client may not use material owned by others unless Client has their permission. We reserve the right to reject any order for any reason. If someone makes a claim against us because of Client’s design, Client agrees to pay for any and all loss we suffer as a result, including legal expenses. Client also, by approval, is stating that Client has full authority and permission to use any and all designs Client uploads, and expects us to redirect any claims against images directly to Client.
Images uploaded should be 300 DPI in order to avoid any potential graphic/artwork fee (Please use one of the following file types: PSD, PNG, TIF, AI, PDF, or JPEG. For full artwork requirements, please refer to the “Artwork Requirements” page on our website (www.convictedprinting.com). In the event of low quality or incorrectly sized submitted art, alteration, cleaning and/or recreation of the image may be required for a properly printed product. Simple cleaning and/or alteration of images will result in a $10 charge. For in depth alterations and/or recreation price will be determined at time of image submission.

Limit on Certain Images
The following is a short descriptive list of types of images that we will not print as Convicted Printing (not for any moral stance, but because of the market we are trying to reach/help).
-Anything that can be deemed as pornographic.
-Anything that can be deemed as hentai.
-Anything that can be deemed as prejudicial/bigoted including but not limited to racism.
-Anything that supports any type of manipulation/abuse
More specifically: An image that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic, and it isn’t overly graphic. Some of these images may be arguable, but ultimately Convicted Printing has the right to refuse any service for any reason they deem appropriate.

Reference Image Approval
Client will receive a reference image from Convicted Printing. This image will need written Client approval (preferably via email with Client’s Client Care Representative) in order to continue in the process.
We have a system of editing/approval:
1) If the image matches Client’s description/preference, Client simply needs to given written approval to their CCR and the order can continue in the process.
2) If the image does not match Client’s description/preference, Client can email specific differences expected/desired to their CCR for an updated reference image. Reference images should need less than 3 edits prior to approval (the majority do not need edits). In the event that 3 or more edits need to happen, days may be added to the turnaround time to compensate for added communication time during the approval process.
It is the client’s responsibility to review and approve layouts and invoices for correct print size, placement, spelling errors, shirt style (model number), manufacturer’s’ specified garment color, ink colors, and quantities.
Convicted Printing will not be held liable for any errors in approved layouts and invoices. If errors occur that do not match an approved and finalized layout and invoice, Convicted Printing will reprint the order to match the approved and finalized layout and invoice at no cost to the client.

Color Disclaimer
We strive to display as accurately as possible the colors of products shown on reference images. However, due to the inconsistencies of various display monitors, the color you see on your screen may not be a totally accurate reproduction of the actual product. Screen images/references are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. This is even more so the case with images that have many color shades in them. Also, if an underbase was not requested/agreed upon for the order, the ink will most likely be a slightly darker shade on the final product. When placing your order, you are acknowledging this fact and waive any claim of dissatisfaction due to color.
If Client desires a very specific color to be matched as closely as possible with thread or ink, Client must provide Pantone color numbers and information in order for Convicted Printing to attempt to accomadate the request. Please follow this link for more information on pantone colors:
Pantone Color Systems
Lack of pantone information from the Client is waiving any claim of dissatisfaction due to color.
In the event where Client desires a specific Pantone color for the blank product, it is the Client’s responsibility to have done their due diligence and research in finding the exact product that matches their color preference. Convicted Printing may attempt to help find the product the Client desires, but is not responsible for any shade difference from the distributor, as the distributor’s images online may be a few shades off from the final product received. Once Client approves the product information (including color, brand, and product number), Convicted Printing will not be held liable for any blank product color differences and will not offer any refunds for color differences.

Print Placement / Sizing
Convicted Printing will print every order in standard print placements; 1­-4 inches below bottom collar depending on design and garment style. It is the client’s responsibility to provide a specific print placement if it is desired.
Convicted Printing will not be held liable for placement of printing if a print placement was not specified by client.
In regards to image sizing, Convicted Printing will always attempt to follow as close as possible to the artwork guidelines found on their website (https://convictedprinting.com/artwork-requirements/). If Client desires for specific sizing of their images, it is Client’s responsibility to describe the exact sizing via email with their CCR, and this sizing should be noted in their quote/invoice prior to final approval/payment.

Garment Defects
All garments are sewn by hand in factories all around the world. Convicted Printing does not produce any garments in house. Therefore, Convicted Printing will not be held liable for manufacturer defects such as holes, stitching, sizing issues, and/or dye color inconsistencies.
Convicted Printing attempts to remove any defective garments before printing and completion of an order, but can occasionally miss a garment’s defectiveness. If it is found that a defective garment was delivered, Convicted Printing will issue a refund for defective garments upon receipt of returned defective garments. The client will be responsible for return shipping. If the defective garments cannot be returned, Convicted Printing will issue a credit of an equal amount of the defective garment to the client’s account. Convicted Printing does not offer reprints on defective garments, unless the defect is present on 5% or more of the total order.

Garment Stock
Convicted Printing does not stock any blank garments. Therefore, Convicted Printing cannot guarantee stock levels of any specific garment from Convicted Printing’s wholesalers.
Convicted Printing will not be held liable if stock issues cause a delay in an order and therefore jeopardize completion in an agreed upon delivery and/or due date. In the case a garment is out of stock or discontinued, the client will be notified immediately and provided with alternative options for replacement garments.

Over / Under Runs
All orders are subject to a potential 3-5% underage in any print run. Convicted Printing will not be held liable for an underage in a completed run within the 3-5% allowance. In the case of an underage exceeding 5% Convicted Printing will reprint the needed garments. If the final product amount is less than agreed upon, Convicted Printing will refund the specific items that did not reach completion. Due to these allowances, Convicted Printing highly recommends that the client orders extra garments for each size.

Final Screen Printing and Embroidery Alteration Terms
Convicted Printing uses industry standard hand crafting methods for screen printing. Since screen printed products are handcrafted, each product may vary with small differences. Small variances are to be expected, including slight adjustments to the original image, angle of print on material, and density of ink on material.
As for embroidery, there may be slight differences in how the final image comes out on the product due to stitching methods and manual placement of the product onto the machine. This may include images having a slight tilt on the final product.

Completion of an Order
If Client agreed to a “Pick Up” option, the order can be picked up from 501 S Falkenburg Rd., Unit C-10, Tampa, FL, 33619. Please refer to our hours of operation as posted on our website.
If Client agreed to a “Delivery” option, the Client and CCR are responsible to work out the final details of delivery.
If Client agreed to a “Shipping” option, the Client will receive email updates from our shipping provider including tracking information. Client is responsible for costs of shipping from Convicted Printing to Client. Please be aware, an order will not be shipped unless full payment is received or a different payment method was agreed upon and signed for in writing. Convicted Printing is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or delayed items from the shipping process. Convicted Printing is not held responsible for any shipping delay after order is dropped off, and Customer agrees not to hold any shipping delay against Convicted Printing.

Net 30 Accounts
Net 30 is a house account in which Client’s invoices are billed with a payment due date 30 days past expected completion of Client’s order. Client has up to 30 days from the expected completion date to pay the invoice in full. There are some steps involved with this option, so if the Client does decide to go with the house account, they will need to schedule enough time to fill out the necessary forms and do a credit check.
If Client has applied for a Net 30 Account, and is using it for this order, an attached document must be signed to give full approval of the order, and place the order into production.
Convicted Printing will send an invoice via PayPal with an exact due date for full payment.
Early Payment Discount: If this invoice is paid 15 or more days before the payment is due, Client will receive a 2% discount on the subtotal invoice price. (Example: Subtotal is $100, 2% discount is $2 if paid 15 or more days before payment due date.)
Late Payment Penalty: Should any payment of interest or principal and interest due hereunder be received by Convicted Printing more than five (5) days after its due date, Client shall pay a late payment penalty equal to five percent (5%) of the amount overdue every five (5) days outstanding until paid, beginning with the due date of the late payment. Example: If $100 is due on day 30, $105 is due on day 35, $110.25 is due on day 40, $115.76 is due on day 45, $121.55 is due on day 55, etc.
Disputes/Claims: In the event that, if, a client’s payment is delinquent, Convicted Printing has the right to open a PayPal dispute, hire a collection agency, and/or hire a lawyer in attempts to acquire past due accounts owed.

Reprint / Restitch / Returns
All claims of unsatisfactory products will be considered within 72 hours of delivery. If the products are returned for inspection and possible reprinting, all product(s) must be shipped or returned to Convicted Printing within 2 weeks of unsatisfactory claims. Upon inspection, Convicted Printing will reprint the order if any discrepancies are found between approved and finalized layout and invoice, and the delivered product.
If Convicted Printing deems the product satisfactory within the approved and finalized layout and invoice, Convicted Printing will not be liable for any and all shipping charges incurred.
Reprints/Refunds can only be applied to a maximum of 5% of the order.
Any reprints will be placed into the system as a new order, starting the turnaround time over.
Convicted Printing may request photos of errors.
Convicted Printing has the right to either reprint/restitch the products, or offer a refund for the products.

Confidentiality, Copyright, Photos, and Social Media
Pricing Confidentiality: Quotes and pricing terms are negotiated between Customer and Convicted Printing and may be unique to the Customer. Therefore, and except as otherwise provided by law, Customer hereby agrees to keep the pricing arrangement confidential for a period of no less than one (1) year from the date of the signed quote. Customer will not use this Confidential Information in furtherance of its business, or the business of anyone else, whether or not in competition with Convicted Printing. (This specific point is in action as soon as Customer receives a quote from Convicted Printing, regardless of whether or not Customer decides to pursue service from Convicted Printing).
Customer is responsible for ownership/permission of names, logos, pictures or other intellectual property of musical groups or musical artists and/or their lyrics. Customer is also responsible for ownership/permission of any trademarks or brands used.
Customer gives permission to Convicted Printing to take photos/videos of products and use them with the Convicted Printing watermark (including but not limited to printouts and social media). {If Customer has any specific release date for their product and wishes Convicted Printing to withhold revealing photo/video content of said product, Customer needs to notify Convicted Printing prior to paying any part of the invoice. In the same regard, if Customer wishes their product not to be shared via photo/video content, Customer must notify Convicted Printing prior to paying any part of the invoice.} Notifying Convicted Printing can best be done by leaving a comment in the ordering process with the Client’s CCR, or by email to the sales representative and/or main business email.
After paying any part of the invoice, any official images/mockups Convicted Printing sends including the Convicted Printing watermark may be used by the Client. (Image MUST include watermark unless written consent is given from Convicted Printing).
Convicted Printing is allowed to print extras of any order for promotional purposes, or to give to employees for personal use.

Once an agreed upon deposit, full payment, or written Net 30 Agreement has been received, all orders have a 24 hour cancellation window during which the order can be stopped (unless it is a rush order, which is exempt for the 24 hour cancellation window). The status of the job will determine the eligible refund amount due to labor and set up put into the order. Any cancellation after a 7 day window, will deem the deposit non-­refundable. If a Net 30 Account cancels, any fees necessary for cancellation will still be applied to the account.
All cancellations after 24 hours will be charged at least 25% of the invoice amount. A refund will be issued, less any costs already incurred up to the date of cancellation.

Forfeit of Funds
In a situation where Customer requests a hold on production for whatever reason, and does not request a refund, nor adjusts their order for completion, Customer acknowledges that a forfeit of those funds will go to Company after three (3) months from original invoice date.

Email Subscription
Payment of any PayPal invoice with Convicted Printing as an acknowledgement from Client to add Client’s email address to Convicted Printing’s email list.

By paying any of the invoice, or signing approval of a Net 30 Agreement, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the terms above, approve everything listed above to be put into production, and agree to pay the invoice in full as agreed upon (COD, Net 30, or any other written and approved agreement).

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