Our Staff

Ryan Kole

Research and Development
Phone: (813) 431-6286
Ryan Kole is a philanthropist who currently serves his community through an organization called Suncoast Kid’s Place and an organization called DCNoise. He has a bachelors in Social Work, and currently plays in a signed touring band, called Forthteller.

Thom Schultz

Phone: (813) 304-5568
Thom Schultz is a philanthropist that currently serves as the Executive Director at DCNoise. He has a Bachelor’s in English Literature and is currently writing his thesis for his Master Degree. He also plays in the band Forthteller.

Justin Hatton

Client Services Team Manager
Client Services
Phone: (813) 431-5082
Justin Hatton is a man with little sleep and a lot of hype. He is the Manager of The Noise Box in Brandon, FL and is also the founder of Vagrant Coffee Roasters. He is currently on track for his bachelors degree in Literature and plays in a band called Forthteller from Tampa, FL.

Caitlyn Hatton

Church/Organization Client Representative
Client Services
Phone: (813) 404-2086
I'm very excited to be apart of Convicted Printing. In the business world, I have been a hard working sales rep/ manger for major retail stores for many years. Treating the client right, and excellent customer service is my specialty.

Savannah Fredrickson

Schools/Clubs Client Representative
Client Services
Phone: (813) 534-3430
Savannah Fredrickson is a full-time student at the University of South Florida, where she is working to earn her bachelors in anthropology and history. She plans to use the degree to work in the field of cultural resource management as an archaeologist. Savannah enjoys serving her community as the volunteer coordinator for the local organization, DCNoise.

Ian Koratsy

Micro-Business Client Representative
Client Services
Phone: (813) 853-5973
Ian is an author, vendor coordinator, programmer, grad student, and entrepreneur.

Garrett Sharp

Artwork Manager
A perfectionist across many nouns such as: Graphic designer, Audio engineer, Bass slapper, and R2D2 impersonator. Surprisingly acrobatic when wearing shorts. Two year Mario Kart defending champion. Also a gagster in some social settings. A little too extra in others.

Daniel Overbo

Shift Manager
A man who loves to work at what he can believe in. Whether it’s here at Convicted Printing or the event-planning organization DCNoise, Daniel is invested and loving it!

David Winters

Social Media Director
Husband, Vocalist, Barista, Social Media Strategist, Screen Printer.



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