If you or your company is in need of graphic design work, you have reached the right place. Below is a list of artists that we recommend for graphic design services. Instead of having an in-house design team that has a narrow set of styles and proficiencies, we decided to consolidate a list of diverse and highly qualified Creatives who are already working hard to develop their business. This way we can help empower both the creatives we were with and our clients.

At Convicted Printing, we are always looking for ways to connect and empower creative individuals. We believe that the best way for any community to flourish is for the people in that community to work together toward a greater good. This is why we have created the Convicted Creatives Program. We want to create a network for creative individuals that will help empower artistic expression in our community.

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Convicted Creatives

Cathexis Creative
hand-illustrated | pointillism based design.
Seba Zeta
Digital Illustrations | Lettering
Chris Vrba
Minimalism | Pop Art | Scenic
King Me Design
Simplistic | Old School | Gritty
Joey Pearson
Merch Design | Company artist branding
Dillon Christopher
Hardcore | Anime | Dirty/Clean
Digital Illustration Design | Psychedelic | Scifi | Bugs | Creeps | Monsters.
Amber Cross
Traditional and Digital | Scientific and Botanical illustrations | Vector Graphics
Noire Media
Dark illustrative | black and white | dotwork
EF Productions
Dark | Modern | Grunge
Nick Bailey Designs
Minimalist | Gothic | Blackwork
Sustain Design
Surreal | Abstract Photo-Manipulation
Crisanne Glasser
Colorful | clean | minimal
Band posters | pop art.
BC Design Co.
Modern | Minimalist
Anthony Bolognese
Geometric | Surreal

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