As a company, we love discovering new bands. Below is a list that our team thinks you should check out!

Hounds – Atlanta, GA – Hardcore – Facebook

The South East has always had a reputation for heavy music, and this Georgia band is no exception to that standard. With grinding riffs and ruthless breakdowns, Hounds is forging a powerful presence in the undergound scene. If you’re in the mood for an emotional onslaught, Hounds has you covered. Jam them here.

Grieve – Orlando, Fl – Metalcore – Spotify

The band Grieve embodies the new age of heavy music, specifically metalcore. Grieve brings those juicy dropped tunes riffs and brutal breakdowns with Nu-Metal and Industrial sounds sprinkled throughout each track. The use of eerie swells and dissonant samples keeps the music charging forward into whatever skull-shattering part comes next. Overall, their style are reminiscent of bands like VCTMS and Lordis, both Nu-inspired metalcore bands and none to be sneezed at. Keep an eye out for Grieve’s EP “The Product of Self Hatred” releasing later this year.

No Gods – Allentown, PA – Thrash Metal – Facebook

In my experience, Thrash Metal bands are generally a one trick pony with nothing but fast riffs and heavy breakdowns. No Gods definitely breaks that mold. Flowing seamlessly between screaming riffs and subtle jams, No Gods adds a bit of flare not typically found in the genre, creating a enjoyable and entertaining balance throughout their compositions. Check out their latest release on Spotify here!

8 Vacant Graves – Asheville, NC – Metal – Facebook

If you are a fan of metal bands like Slipknot and Devildriver, 8 Vacant Graves will be your new favorite up and coming project. Founded in 2016, the band has released a single called “Lucid Nightmare” which takes the listener on a melodic metal journey through riffy verses and open emotional choruses eventually ending in chugging breakdown that is sure to please. On August 11th, 8 Vacant Graves will be releasing their EP “Grave 1: Root Origin.” If you are in the Asheville area, make sure to show up for their EP release show at The Odditorium. It’s sure to be a banger!

War Brides – Chicago, IL – Noise Rock/Sludge – Facebook

Hailing from the land of Punk Rock, War Brides has put a new spin on the world of Punk and Sludge. Combining a unique blend of aggressive genres, War Brides creates an intriguing and energetic listening experience. With creative composition and unique vocal stylings, this band is definitely set apart from the rest of the pack. Bang your head to their latest release here.

HumanForm – Minneapolis, MN – Post-Hardcore – Facebook

Blending heavy Southern Rock riffage with the emotional stylings of post-hardcore, HumanForm creates an endless flow of headbanging vibes. Dealing heavily with the concept of death, their latest release “Deadmen Tell Cautionary Tales,” explores the depth of our mortality. If you are looking for some thoughtful bangers, HumanForm should definitely be on your playlist. Peep their jams on Bandcamp now.

Self Inflicted – New Hampshire – Metalcore – Facebook

Self Inflicted is for the heavy music lover in all of us. Reminiscent of some of your favorites like Kublai Khan and Boundaries, Self Inflicted is sure to make it on to your list of top favorites. Their latest single, “No Devotion” hits hard front to back, with a really tasty melodic part sandwiched right in the middle. The mix of this latest single is extremely tight, showing the bands dedication to not only composing really well, but also sparing no expense in production to create a professional final product. You can jam “No Devotion” here.

Stem Cells – Sioux Falls, SD – Surf Rock/Punk – Facebook

Sporting a Surf Rock, Punk vibe Stem Cells is a high energy outfit from South Dakota. When you’re in the mood for good vibes and summer fun, Stem Cells is a perfect choice. Flowing between slow jams and high octane chord progression, Stem Cells provides listeners with a stellar listening experience. With classic punk vocals and passionate musicianship, this band is definitely a step above the rest. Check out their “Medium Well EP” on bandcamp and let the vibes career you away.

West View – Milwaukee, WI – Progressive Metal/Metalcore – Facebook

Falling somewhere between progressive metal and metalcore, West View is in a unique position to appeal to a wide variety of tastes, but if you like more melodic metalcore bands like Erra or Northlane, West View should definitely make it onto your playlist. Their EP “Lapse” perfectly captures the essence of the band with soaring leads, choppy riffs, and heavy breakdowns that flow perfectly throughout the album. The vocals are perfectly suited to the music; the singing parts somber and emotional. West View certainly has a lot going for them and you should check them out on Spotify today!

American Bandit – Milwaukee, WI – Post-Hardcore – Facebook

This band is an instant classic. Brilliantly combining sounds of old post hardcore like Chasing Safety era Underoath and riffing hard like they mean it, they have cultivated their own unique sound that is sure to get you moving and have you hooked instantly. In their song “Wasted Time” (my personal favorite) they kick it off with a “southern metalcore” vibe then immediately move into an addicting riff verse and gang vocal driven chorus. Just recently they released an album called “Loser’s Club” which you can jam right here. This band has lots of potential to blow you away and rumor has it they are a crazy live show too. Don’t blink, you just might miss American Bandit’s climb to the top!  

Photo Cred: Ryan Pugh

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