1. Artness! by Justin Brown – G6 

Specializing in scratchboards so detailed your eyes water and acrylic paintings to leave your mouth hanging for ten minutes, “Artness! by Justin Brown” is humble bragging at SuperCon again.

“A pop of color, the recognition of a character they love, a painstaking attention to detail, or my attempts at a joke, I want my art to be positive and to comfort.”

He said, caressing a needle to scratch a single, soft hair on Captain America’s Portrait.

Grab a magnifying glass and head to his booth to drool at all the detail!

2. Doug Hoppes Studio LLC – Booth 835

Mixing abstract and realistic detail, this dark fantasy artist will astound, unnerve, and empty your wallet with a macabre twist of his paintbrush.

You will wish this was a realistic rendering, but Doug Hoppes gives no such mercy. He invites your nightmares to slaughter and waltz in his paintings with a pallet of ash grey, sacrificial crimson, and the yellowish off-white of brittle skeletons. Broke people, beware, you will leave with SuperCon with his paintings.

Visit his booth in a hushed voice: the paintings may actually eat your soul. Or check out his Patreon!


3. Antler Hill Arts, LLC – F6

Neil “The Scarecrow” and Jessica “alittlemessi” Griffin are coming to SuperCon with rustic folk rock, film scores, and paintings.

Antler Hill is Folk Rock with a sense of humor. Their new single, “Daises”, features a fedora tipping zombie looking for love in a small town.

“We use the Scarecrow to raise awareness of stuttering. A scarecrow cannot walk or talk, but their steady, planted presence is a form of wisdom.” Check out their folk-rock at table F6!


4. Pulsar Event – I1

Get ready to flip tables. This game is so addictive you’ll unblock your gaming group from the last time you lost at Catan! Pulsar Event is a Strategic Card Game with an engrossing art style and smooth mechanics.

Adam Buccafusco is a Durham based illustrator, writer, and designer, and the owner of Binks Games Publishing.

“Games inspire, invoke passionate emotions, and challenge folks to engage. My goal was to develop a game of such depth, the players would immerse themselves for two hours while I watched Buffy with my wife.”

Check out his booth at SuperCon to play a round of Pulsar Event.


5. NecoNomiCards – F1

From the beak-wearing horseman of pestilence to the half-zombie of Schrodinger’s Cat, NecronomiCards is a Lovecraftian horror card game. Kickstarted twice over, featured both at PAX West and PAX Unplugged, it’s distributed by Cards Against Humanity’s boring business company Black Box.

“NecronomiCards combines my lifetime obsessions with horror  mythology and tabletop games.” Said Andy Hunt, who designed NecronomiCards on his breaks and weekends from his job as 2D artist for Epic Games.

Forget Ouija Boards and matches, this game of symbol matching and demon summoning will invoke dark curses from your buddies. Pick up a copy, if you’re brave enough…

6. Akachi Comics and Books – J9

Matthew Jones is developing “Void Beast,” a short novel, into a Manga. It’s about Takeo Johnson, or “TJ”, a towering African-American martial artist and werewolf. Fearing a loss of control, he trained to harness the strength of the wolf without the teeth and madness. However, a string of kidnappings forces him to take action. All the training becomes meaningless. It’s either face the wolf or face the abyss. Check out his short novel at http://www.akachicomics.com/


7. Rumble and Roar Wandmakers – C1

Since 2011, Rumble and Roar Wandmakers has handcrafted wands from over 100 types of woods.

Taking inspiration from Harry Potter’s “Olivanders” and never using a lathe, their proprietary method of wand making yields a contoured, sleek profile. “Our shop has whisked around the country to share our craft with witches, wizards, and fans of the wizarding schools.”

Check them out at SuperCon to get your custom wand!


8. The Art of Shawn Durington – J6

In High School, Shawn enjoyed doodling when he should have been paying attention. In 2013 he earned a Master’s in Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University. “I’ve always found monsters fascinating. Sesame Street, The Muppets, Labyrinth, and the Dark Crystal were huge impacts. So now I create my own monsters and stories to share with the world. In the words of Peter Pan ‘I’ll never grow up! Why should you?'” Shawn said as he scanned a sketch into Adobe Photoshop. He is also working on getting his children’s book put together: “The Adventures of Melvin and Me.” Check out his inspiring booth, or visit him online!  


9. Michele Altenkirch – C12

Michele Altenkirch loved coloring growing up. “I would draw on everything as a kid, unfortunately for my mom and dad.” She said, holding a fine tipped paint brush made of eyelashes. “Thankfully I’ve upgraded from walls to paper and canvas.” She said with a grin as she applied fine strokes of aquamarine to an energy blast. “I found my path as a colorist.”

Her work is the testament to the claim! From Wonder Woman in the thick of battle to an angel’s soft blue eyes, her grasp of color will mesmerize you from across the Vendor Hall.


About the Author

Ian is a Vendor Coordinator and Programmer for DCNoise and Convicted Printing. He is pursuing a Masters in Philosophy, and writes poetry and Sci-Fi Fantasy in his spare time. He is driven by a passion to help microbusiness owners succeed in a changing economy. Check out his poetry and snippets of his next novel on Patreon!

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