Here at Convicted Printing we love checking out new bands. Below we have compiled a list of bands that we think you should have on you playlist!

Fractured Frames – Asheville, NC – Progressive/Djent/Metalcore – Facebook

Hailing from North Carolina, this band is not to be ignored. If you are a fan of genre blending and talented musicianship, this band is for you. Fractured Frames seamless blends music from a variety of innovative influences to create a truly unique listening experience. Their self-titled six song EP is available now on bandcamp. Give it a listen, you will not be disappointed!

VCTMS – Streamwood, IL – Groove/Metalcore – Facebook

The independent success of the band VCTMS cannot be denied. This band marries groove and heavy in the absolute best way possible. Featuring groovy riffs, heavy breakdowns, and dissonant leads, their music is sure to keep you banging your head with their tracks on repeat. Their first LP, “Vol. II Inside The Mind” featured killer guest vocals such as Darius Tehrani (Spite) and members of Last Ten Seconds of Life and was a huge success. Make sure you go check out their latest release, “Vol. III Halfway Happy” available now on their bandcamp.

Neymeyer & Co. – Minneapolis, MN – Indie/Folk – Facebook

When you are in the mood for some passionate jams, throw on some Neymeyer & Co. and let the sounds sweep you away. With an emotional, yet uplifting tone, this band is sure to leave a smile on your face. If we had to put a moniker on this band, we would have to go with, “Happy music, for sad people.” Neymeyer & Co. should definitely have your attention. Check out their latest album here. Rumor has it they also have a new single coming out soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Looming – Springfield, IL – Indie Rock – Facebook

The indie rock genre is often hit or miss, but the beauty of the genre is that artists have the freedom to create some of the most inspiring music that can be produced. Looming has definitely hit that mark. With thoughtful and sophisticated composition, this band produces a sound that can bring the listener into a unique and uplifting experience that is hard to come by. With relaxed yet passionate and complex style, Looming is a testament to the power of human creativity. Make sure you give them a listen on bandcamp.

La Diabla – San Diego/Tijuana – Cumbia Sabanera – Facebook

A fusion blend of sounds from Columbia and Tijuana, La Diabla is sure to get you off your feet and moving to their intoxicating beats. La Diabla is an experimental band, with influences ranging from hip-hop to tropical, yet they always expertly maintain their core Cumbia (Rhythm & Dance from Colombia) and Vallenato (Colombian Folk) sound. When you feel like dancing, go to La Diabla’s soundcloud and start jamming!

Kept On Hold – Westland, MI – Power Pop/Pop Punk – Facebook

Sporting a pop-emo vibe, Kept On Hold is the perfect soundtrack to your next disappointing crush. If you are dying for some nostalgic pop-punk break-up ballads, Kept On Hold is definitely worth checking out. With comforting vocals and passionate acoustic guitar, the College Ruled B-Sides is sure to get you through the toughest bout of unrequited love. Check it out here.

Harm – Greensboro, NC – Post Hardcore – Facebook

It’s not often that a bands that describes their influence as Underoath lives up to the expectations created by that association, but Harm is definitely a great of example of a band that does it right. Blending passionate riffs with melodic progressions, Harm captures the heart of post hardcore. If you’re in the mood for creativity and passion, Harm is definitely a good choice! Jam them on spotify today!

Otzi – Oakland, CA – Dark Post-Punk – Facebook

This California three piece has a unique sound; like surf-punk and dark, ethereal goth had a baby and named it Otzi. It’s not always easy to find a band that does a fantastic job of blending sounds like these, but Otzi is one of them. Just last year they released their first full length record called Ghosts and it is full of pleasing atmospheric synths and low gain guitar tones. Don’t hesitate to visit their bandcamp and pick up their record today!

Wolf Skin – Sioux Falls, SD – Metalcore – Facebook

If you enjoy bands like Convictions and Wage War, you are in for a real treat. Wolf Skin brings heavy riffage and breakdowns and they bring em hard. The flow of their latest album, ‘The Fifth Circle’ is a pleasing blend of atmospheric breaks and holdovers scattered between heavy breakdowns and sweeping choruses. ‘The Fifth Circle’ is Wolf Skins first full length record, and is sure to have you singing along in no time. Make sure to check out their music video for the song ‘Carnivore’ now!  

Regime – Brockton, MA – Metal – Facebook

Smashing riffs and brutal breakdowns are Regime’s specialty. With that fat, clanky bass and those scary fight riffs, you will be moshing no matter where you might be at. At the airport? The TSA will be tackling you down for spin kicking an old lady. It’s not your fault, Regime just got into your head. Handle with care. Regime 2018.

Photo Cred: Ryan Pugh

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