1. Loquacious Literature – Artist Alley B11

Specialising in comic strips of forgotten Harry Potter scenes and lesser-known fandoms, Loquacious Literature by Katie is a mystical combination of both color and line. Books are her passion and muse, almost all of her artwork stems from something she’s read. If your favorite moment from a book never made it to the silver screen, stop by Loquacious Literature to have it commissioned! Or support her on Patreon to get all the feels Hollywood left on the cutting room floor!


2. Cos A Commotion – 208 Hall A

Cos A Commotion is bringing their Infinity War set to Florida Supercon 2018! A Setplay group based in Orlando, Cos A Commotion travels the country with TV/movie reproduction sets and a cast of hand-picked, screen accurate cosplayers. Guests are totally immersed in the movie experience, posing with the cosplayers, even holding movie props to make it more authentic and personal. And they even leave with a 6×8 glossy photo and digital pics to share on social media!


3. Seaside Cactus – Artist Alley K3

Caro Alpi is a Cuban American artist who enjoys a cafecito and mighty fine sketch in the morning. She’s so dedicated, she can’t leave home without a sketchbook and sturdy pencil! Pulling inspiration from countless animators and artists, her style focuses on storytelling and exquisite contouring. If you like portraits of shy demons and astrology signs personified, you’ll love the Art of Caro Alpi. Commission her cosmic portraits at the Artist Alley at Booth K3!


4. ECao Art – Artist Alley A11

Evelyn Cao is a freelance illustrator based in Miami, Fl. Her work is inspired by the detailed elegance of Bleach’s Hugo Mundo Arc, and the color pallet of No Game No Life. If you’d feel inspired by Azien-sama’s arrogant gaze challenging you to defeat the day, get a badass print ECao Art or commission her at the Artist Alley!


5. Rey Acevedo Art – Artist Alley J1

A staggeringly talented illustrator, Rey Acevedo has done work with Creature Entertainment on their titles Ravenous and Cyber Heros. Ever since 7 years old, he’s been in love with superhero illustration. His style emphasizes line and shadows, giving depth and realism to his imaginative designs of desperate peril and dark resolve. If you’re at SuperCon, don’t miss his table!


6. Gabo -Artist Alley J3

From watercolor comic books the size of a Quarter to post-apocalyptic robots in lavish greenery, GABO is coming to Supercon! Gabriel Bautista is a Wisconsin based Illustrator who has worked for Oni Press, DC Comics and Image Comic, and an avid Twitch Streamer.  “If I see a dog across the street, I imagine what kind of equipment that dog wear in a thousand years when the Earth is covered in an opaque haze of pollution.” If you like having your draw drop at an artist flexing his creative muscles like he’s Goku, check out his Patreon, or visit his booth at SuperCon!


7. drexNINE studios – Vendor Hall 1813

Somewhere between stained glass windows and family portraits, your favorite heroes, villains, and monsters pose against grandma’s 1970’s wallpaper like an awkward family portrait. After attending MegaCon in 2011, Jason Selezinka was inspired to return to his lifelong dream of painting, and wow is he back with flair! If you have space on your wall for The Best Dad in the Galaxy, Dad Vader’s portrait can be found at dredNINE Studios, alongside everyone from Jason to the Hulk. Check out his website at or visit his table at SuperCon 2018!


8. Cloverkin – Artist Alley J6

From Wizard Owls casting spells and Corgis in full plate armor with halberds, Cloverkin takes your pets or favorite animals and transforms them into an RPG Character. She takes her inspiration from fanciful old children’s books by Beatrix Potter and Brian Froud, and nature itself. If you are enchanted by miniature woodlands and whimsical worlds, be on the lookout for a tree trunk topped with leaves and a cheery elf within!


9. Crochet Cosplay – Artist Alley H10

From a crocheted Joker cosplay to Mario Stars and Power Ups, Rachel Millin has shown herself to be the consummate crochet artist. She even crocheted a Black Panther bodysuit on a bet! She’s been crocheting since she was eight and has yet to find a cosplay she couldn’t crochet. If you happen to be in the State of Florida, you should probably check out her handmade plushies, bags, hats, and full-blown cosplays while supplies last. She will sell out if you’re not careful!


10. Keke Illustrations – Artist Alley G9

A fascination for color and light drives the Art of Dominique “Keke” Sandoval, a Miami native. Her illustrations of childlike robots that are kind and are curious have fascinated thousands at conventions across the state. These WALL-E like mischievous little bots join your favorite characters in a resplendent display of color and contrast. Get one of a kind prints from Keke Illustrations, and support Dominique as she pursues a Master’s in Fine Art!


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